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NYU Master Thesis Project, 2024

Product Designer

User Research
UX/UI design Prototyping
User testing

In today's digital age, USB cables are essential for connectivity but often neglected in disposal. Following the European Parliament's 2023 approval, Apple switched from the Lightning connector to the universal USB-C, adopting a single charging solution across its devices.

This project reimagines the user experience for e-recycling cables, targeting key demographics and optimizing business strategies for an integrated cable recycling rewarding system. It addresses the unique challenges of designing for PWAs and mobile web within our web application. Re is named after reduce, reuse- and recycle.

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The Problem

People keep 8+ unused cables.

People often store cables for future use but forget about them as they become outdated. 950M kgs of recyclable copper cables were discarded, enough to encircle Earth 107 times! source

Focus areas
Engage users
Easiest way to find drop-off points
tangible rewards
Introducing our wallet feature


Quantitative & Qualitative research

12 interviews
22 surveys

Why do people continue to discard cables despite their valuable materials?

Why might there be challenges or ease in incorporating e-waste recycling practices regularly?

Why do current strategies fail to change behaviors towards reducing e-waste?

Research discovery


reported accumulating unused cables, often keeping them for future use without exploring other options.


of people find it easy to incorporate e-waste recycling into their daily life.

These results helped me define affinity funnel..

Self-identified as a very lazy & highly visual 

Competitive Analysis

Competitive analysis insight

First Ever Motivating Factor App

This is a critical moment for corporate sustainability, where early initiatives can shape norms and establish habits for both marketers and audiences. Therefore, it is essential to thoroughly examine this campaign from environmental, regulatory, and marketing perspectives, and apply these insights moving forward.

App architecture

User testing & Iterations

Actionable Insights


To identify gaps in user knowledge, the app has integrated a simple feature that displays all the nearby drop-off locations for cables. It also includes a filter option, making it easy for users to select and find the most convenient locations


To transform user habits, we have introduced a gift card feature in the app that tracks visits. Once a certain threshold is reached, users can convert their accumulated credits into gift cards


To enhance the Recycling Experience app, a personality test

01. No download needed!

The header(hamburger button) is conveniently positioned for easy navigation on this platform. Explore freely or log in to monitor your e-waste reduction efforts.

02. Discover Personality

Feel free to take our quiz to understand your recycling habits and kickstart your journey today!

03. Cable Drop-Off

Effortlessly find nearby drop-off locations for your cables. Simply select your preferences using our filter option, and you'll be guided.

04. Transform Habits into Gift Cards!

Accumulate your recycling credits and redeem them for gift cards at our partner merchants.

05. Redeem Credits

Our app tracks your eco-friendly actions, rewarding you with credits. Use our wallet feature to keep track of your chosen merchandise.

Lesson Learned
1.  Always conduct user research before beginning the design process. Design with purpose and insight.
2. Through continuous cycles of testing and iteration, the design progressively improved.
3. Implementing a design system simplifies processes, accelerates workflows, and saves time for everyone involved.

Next Step

1. Explore partnerships with stakeholders to 
refine the business model.
2. Conduct hypothetical analyses of user behavior.
3. Assess potential reactions to our progressive web app.

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