Idenity system

Instructor: Rory Simms & Courtney Gooch; Pentagram
Mint Museum cultural institution in Charlotte, North Carolina. The T shaped of the entrance is noticeable from different points of angle and it has a unique shape. This T shape let people know the museum is the internationally renowned Craft + Design collection, as well a outstanding collections of American, contemporary, and European art.

  The logomark, based on a letter ‘M’ first alphabet of Mint Museum                                                                                                    


Identity System

Instructor: Courtney Gooch & Rory Simms from Pentagram

Park Avenue Armory is a place where it supports unconventional works in visual and performing arts and that has non-traditional space. The logomark highlights the word “A” from Park Armory and the logotype uses an elegant and sharp serif typeface represents the aesthetic movement of the performance. 


Brand Identity 

Instructor: Rory Simms & Courtney Gooch
PETER PAN is one of the largest privately-owned motorcoach companies in the USA. We offer daily express service in major metro areas such as Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington, DC.

The logo was inspired by Peter Pan’s fairy tale story; A story has a free- spirited and mischievous young boy never grows.

Logo Concept: “Infinity + P

Infinity: Never grows = Staying young forever
P: Highlighting the letters of the company


Interaction Design

Instructor: Joshua Williams & Livia Ito from RGA
Tools: Figma, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe After Effects 


We exist to help people get their vision of home perfect, no matter what that is.

Be able to keep an eye on home anytime, everywhere.


     ︎Many people are aware of their home security but don’t think about getting a home security. 
thinking it is very complicated to use or unreasonably expensive.


Control your house simply by having a manageable camera in your hand.
This product meets accessibility requirements, making it easier for everyone to use.




Typeface Design

Instructor: Irinia Lee; Huge

MINCE(Thin in France word) + WHIMSICAL = WIMCE

The unique anatomy of WIMCE is horizontal organic cut out shaped rectangle stacks each other to form a typeface. WIMCE was inspired by my favorite dessert crepe cake. The key characteristic comes from how crepe cake is stacked with each other. Therefore, it has a similar characteristic of thin long shaped rectangles layering each other to form a typeface.

It is combined with two typefaces Meta & Acta. It is based on the Meta characteristic of a readable typeface from an angle. For the contrast of thick and thin strokes it’s based on a characteristic of Acta font face being very decorative.