NBC Universal video streaming service

Client, Year
NBC Universal-Comcast,
May - August 2023

Product Design Intern
UX Design, Visual Design, User Research
Figma, Microsoft Excel

Since its launch in 2020, Peacock TV has shown consistent growth. However, its current static account page confuses users and leads to unnecessary time spent navigating.

My role When I joined as an intern, I had the opportunity to contribute to various aspects of design, including the design system, user research, and participating in future design meetings for direct-to-consumer (DTC) clients.

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The Problem

70% of users struggled with navigation

Peacock TV's static account page does not meet the evolving needs of its diverse users and the introduction of new features like add-ons. 


Expiring Deals
Clear user awareness and prompt action needed for time-sensitive promotions.

🔨 Technical LimitationsAccount page design issues complicating navigation for deal details and terms.

How might we empower users to navigate better by refining offerings, enhancing notifications, and improving navigation?

a. Competitor analysis ︎︎︎ Competitor Audit, Benchmarking Feature Parity, Architecture Level

b. User-Interview/testing ︎︎︎Card sorting Activity, Thematic Analysis, User Journey Map &
  • 8 distinct groups
  • 15 users
  • 30 minute each

Key issues




Navigation Issues

4 min

Time Consumption

How Might We...

Refine product offering

Revise and refine the 'Your Plan' and 'Change Plan' cards to clearly differentiate optional features from required ones and provide space for future add-on updates?

Enhance Notification

Design a user-friendly notification system to clearly inform users of plan changes from Free to Premium, and allow them to conveniently pause and restart subscriptions?

Improve user navigation

Create account shortcuts with icons and quick links, including offers and watch history management for enhanced user experience?


Key Insights

Users access accounts to resolve issues and are cautious about changing advanced security settings.

Pain points


1. Users are confused around 

current plan and Add-Ons.

Unified CTA
2. Users seek clarity on how Peacock handles their personal information, finding navigation difficult.

 Adding toggle button or link

Design Goals


To easily accommodate updates and new features


Clean out the clutter to help users easily manage their account page


Focus on consistent buttons and links rather than adding new features

Updated wireframe


Before and After


Solution Details


Design system

Key Takeaways

🧐 User Research & Data

Realized the importance of using data-driven decisions and conducting thorough user research before starting the design.

📐 Design Systems
 Acknowledged that a well-defined design system not only enhances efficiency but also saves valuable time for the entire team.

🗣️ Effective Communication

Utilized low-fidelity wireframes and a robust design system to swiftly iterate and clarify designs, significantly enhancing team collaboration and accelerating project timelines.

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