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Product Design,Design System

NBC Universal video streaming service.

Client, Year
NBC Universal-Comcast, 2023

Product Designer Summer Intern

10 Weeks

UX Design, Visual Design

Figma, Microsoft Excel
My collaboration extended to working closely with product management, user research, and engineering teams, where we held weekly design workshops to foster a spirit of teamwork and shared insights with stakeholders.

At the time of my involvement, Peacock was in the midst of a transformation, and I contributed by offering a new perspective. My primary objective was to comprehensively understand the product design journey from inception to completion, with the ultimate aim of improving user engagement and usage by simplifying the user experience.

“Designing a completed product that satisfies business goals and user needs.”


Defining a vision from 5 competitors’ products
  • Led a Peacock’s repository of competitor screens and flows.
  • Web & Mobile Screens. 


  • Commerce Template Update.
  • Creating consistency across product, brands, platforms, & teams reducing swirl over design and conflicting specs.
  • Increasing design team velocity and reduces redundancy by providing a toolbox of reusable styles, components & templates.
  • Improves design team handoff to developers, working closely with them to ensure Figma & Code components match.
  • “See how one design system can cover multiple platform.”

* Details can be shown above request.

  • Help define product roadmap & requirements by creating upfront strategy tools(e.g task & content analysis.)
  • Translates a requirements into low-fidelity flows, scenarios to show inventory & information required for users to step through their journey.
  • Enables early collaboration and conversation with developers and other key stakeholders to explore feasibility without spending time on high-fidelity work.

(web- mobile)
(Architecture Evaluation)

Account design for the peacock has yet to be updated or refreshed since launch. To make it more flexible for the increasing number of propositions trying to fit into it, finding the best design now will help set us up for those additional updates planned in the future.
What do users expect to see when managing their account and where they would expect to find these things?

What are users looking to do when they come to account? What layout most appeals to them?

How can we get users to find and complete their task faster so they can get back to watching?

Competitors Anaylsis
*Details can be shown above request

Competitor Feature Parity Eval
  • Finding similar patterns.
Account Page (web)
05. Account Findings & Opportunities

Research Process

  • Collaborated with the central Consumer Insights team to conduct user research.
  • Identified opportunities for innovation, with a focus on user and business value.
  • Followed the Human-Centered Design (HCD) process within the Peacock TV Commerce team, with an emphasis on the Account screen.
  • Discovered 1-2 feature parity elements, recognized patterns, and defined competitor architecture.
  • Participated in shadowing account meetings and observed historical research processes.

Link here (*PW available upon request)

06. 2024 New Plan Picker
Information Architecture

Competitors Anaylsis

07. Takeaways

  1. I gained valuable insights into the inner workings of streaming services.
  2. I came to appreciate the significance of UX thinking and Human-Centered Design Methods (HCD)."
  3. A well-defined design system not only enhances efficiency but also saves valuable time for the entire team."
  4. Observing the dynamics of price fluctuations and witnessing the intricate coordination of tasks during significant events provided me with a valuable and enlightening learning experience. I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

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