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Simulation : Domino 

“Chaotic eating of sweets” 
— New Fantasy

Inspiration comes from the time at 2021 when I was eating too much added sugar whenever the stressful situation came up to me. I noticed that people craves for something that is sweet for the moment. For some people it can be smoking, playing a game, or exercise. However, for me it was craving sugar which my mind and body have been trained in a wrong way. 

I was shocked that eating excessive amount of sweetened foods and beverages for about a year caused me blood sugar problems, high cholesterol, and weight gain. However, I couldn’t stopped and was not able to beat that bad habit. 

This situation made me to experiment with something that can be happen in one’s daily life in playful and new way.

Work Process
I was experimenting with the objects that can be found in everyday life that can be connected in various space.

Installation Preview | Work Process

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