Apple Vision Pro
VR Design, UX Design

Reimagining Apple’s first spacing computing; Immersive way to experience entertainment

Client, Year
Personal, 2023

3 Weeks

UX Design, Visual Design, Prototype

Unity, C#
Imagine the future of our digital experiences when popular apps transition into virtual reality. This project delves into Apple's vision for a Pro UI on the Meta Quest platform, utilizing a pointer for interaction with the Apple UI.

The project involved adapting to a futuristic spatial design concept from Apple, which had not been released on an actual headset at the time. Navigating this unfamiliar environment required a shift in my approach to prototyping, departing from the methods used for traditional mobile and web devices.

“Crafting an immersive experience that captivates audiences and delivers on both business objectives and user requirements."

source: Michelle Cortese from Meta

01. Individuation

  • This VR app allows users to personalize their experience.
  • The ability to choose different applications( TV, Music, Notes...etc) 
  • Users can tailor the VR environment to their preferences, creating a more personalized and engaging experience.

02. Pleasure

  • Through the "freeform" drawing feature, offering users a creative outlet within the virtual space. 
  • Engaging activity enhances the overall experience, providing a sense of delight and satisfaction.

* Details can be shown above request.
03. Usability

  • Simple, easy to understand
  • The navigation through different scenes using Apple icons simplifies the usability of this VR app. 
  • Users can easily interact with the familiar Apple UI.
 (i.e. Apple TV, Freeform)


04. Function

  • This VR app serves multiple functions.
    1. ︎TV– allows users to select and watch movies, catering to entertainment needs.
    2. Freeform – serves a creative function, enabling users to draw, leave notes, and engage in immersive activities.

05. Safety
  • This VR application prioritizes user well-being with features like smooth navigation to minimize motion sickness, clear warnings before intense experiences, user-friendly controls, optimized performance for stability, and easy access to pause and exit options, ensuring a comfortable and secure experience. These measures reflect our commitment to a positive and responsible VR environment.”

06. Next step

  • Transfer from Controllers → Hand tracking.
  • Adding Exit button for painting screen
  • To give users an immersive experience that feels smooth, integrated, and 
naturally expansive.

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