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People Repeat the Same Mistake
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Human Greed is Endless

If you do not contemplate and reflect on the disappearance, it will always hurt more in the future.
Garbage doesn’t disappear when thrown away, it accumulates.
This zine book and experimental website will make people realize the trash crisis.


This project sprouted from the daily struggle that I face every day. Whenever I’m out home, “There is garbage everywhere.” Fast food wrappers blowing around the street, cans, waterbottle, napkins, masks, etc everywhere. I am NEVER free from the garbages.

I step on it every single day. Therefore, I decided to have a 4-week journey of taking photos of the trashes that are on the street to capture various moments.

My Journey

1 month Journey (June 2021) 
Picking up the trashes that are on the street and throwing away in the closet trashcan.

Pier 36, Central Park, Columbus Circle, Battery Park, East Village

There is more trash on the street than I expected. Almost every minute, I was able to find the trash.

Process Photo

Idea Sketches / Story Board

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