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Mint Museum.

Design, Typography, Identity system

North Carolina's first art museum, is host to a wide array of permanent collections, along with exciting exhibitions on view throughout the year.

Graphic/Digital Designer

Identity System, Visual Design, Motion Graphics, Typography

Adobe CC( Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects)

5 weeks

Rory Simms & Courtney Gooch from Pentagram
I undertook the revitalization of a prominent cultural institution in Charlotte, North Carolina, driven by the need to modernize its branding, starting with the redesign of its outdated logo. The new emblem I crafted features a distinctive 'T' shape inspired by the museum's entrance, carefully designed to be easily recognizable from various angles. This innovative 'T' emblem serves as a symbol of the museum's international acclaim, housing an exceptional collection of Craft + Design pieces alongside a remarkable array of American, contemporary, and European art. Through this reimagined visual identity, I aimed to convey the institution's commitment to the global art community and its diverse, world-class holdings.

Original Logo 

Redesigned Logo


*  The logomark, based on a letter ‘M’ first alphabet of Mint Museum                          

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