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P5js game console

P5js console is an interactive game that focuses on interaction. It balances both the technical and aesthetic sides of a project

ROLE game development(coding), fabrication    

SKILLS arduino, c++, fabrication


TEAM  Long L

EXHIBITION NYU ITP Winter Show ( December 2022)


For the final model, we chose popular wood and translucent white acrylic as the main enclosure. Black buttons, knobs, keycaps, and wood joysticks as the controls. The codes in both Arduino and p5.js were updated various times in order to optimize the serial communication and the users’ experience when playing the games.

This project will focus not only on interactivity and games but also a fabrication. Balance of both technical and aesthetic sides of a project.

Idea sketch 1

sketch 2

User Testing

User Testing

Final product photos

Final product Videos 

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