The Wall Street Journal.

UI Design, Design System, Campaigns

An American business and economic-focused international daily newspaper based in New York City — The &Partnership’s client. 

Client, Year
WSJ, 2022

UX/Digital Designer

UI/UX Design, Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Visual Design, Design system

Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects
During my involvement, I was responsible for creating day-to-day materials, campaigns, podcast designs, weekly emails, and social ads.

Challenge The biggest challenge was high-paced work environment with frequent client-driven revisions, but was able to adapt swiftly to meet the demands of the fast turnaround.

01. Podcast assets
02. Future Of Everything Festival 2022

03. WSJ Email Creation (before going to dev team)
04. WSJ Challenge - CP Activation Email

05. Health Forum

06. MarketWatch Social Ad

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