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An app for connecting people with like-minded people in your area.

ROLE UX/UI, Visual Designer

SKILLS User Research, UI Design, Graphic Design




Earth is full of trash.

There are approximately 23,000 pieces of debris larger than a softball orbiting the Earth. They travel at speeds up to 17,500 mph, fast enough for a relatively small piece of orbital debris to damage a satellite or a spacecraft. reference


What if we could create a community where users can build the community to date & reduce waste?

Research & Ideation

The R.C app is inspired by the online dating app, encouraging users to depict and enhance their physical appearance online.

Especially during covid, online dating platforms and apps surround us with photos being the main focus. People base opinions on what they see first, shaping their reactions to others.

This app was created to encourage users to recycle in a fun way and build a community as well as not focus on appearance. AR would detect the camera and create unique profile pictures of line drawings instead of users putting their photos in the app.

While the app provides each of one’s spaces to form a community step by step, it can be continued in many different ways. One example would be starting a conversation in the app. “Meet, Date & Make New Friends with similar interest.”


Brianna (28)
Project Manager
Brooklyn, New York


To find a community where the focus is not just appearance.


I wish there is more variety of community platform that doesn't drive me to focus on appearance.

Pain Points

It is very challenging not to draw comparisons between the individuals I come across with others' profile pictures. I also put the best picture of myself.


Our users need to have a new type of community platform to communicate, which will help them form a community focusing not only on appearance but on what matters.


Mapping with Trashcan company

R.C. is connected to the trashcan in plenty of places around the city. We have a close connection with a garbage collection company. Users taking photos of each recycled item will record an individual's activity through the app. History from the app will define individuals' preferences, then match them to the trashcan by the user's choice of location. Moreover, users will have a chance to form a community.
We have located trashcans in countless places by connecting with the trash bin community. The users will be able to connect based on elements from individual interests.

3 brand traits


You can quickly get used to our services and improve your daily life.



Your recycling experience will be most enjoyable with our services connecting personalized matchmaking experience and advanced technology for finding your nearby recycling bin. 



We want to be a service closest to you and familiar to you.


Final solution

User flow

1. Home

2. Personalized experience.

3. Achievement & Award system.

4.  Track your activity.

5.  Track your profile.

6. Developing a community profile. 


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