Characters “ㅈㅎ ”︎

AR video/Character Design
Using the Korean character “ Hangual” as a AR character 

ㅎ ㅈ [ heu jeu ]

Character’s Ability
The long shape on their body looks like human arms and acts like an antenna. It also functions as an arm but is essential in communication, receiving, and sending signals. J has no mouth and H has no eyesUsually, ㅎ ㅈ, travels separately as two entities, but when they merge and become one character, the role (function) works differently.

Unexpectedly landed on Earthㅎㅈ(hJ), who are explorers HABGUL planet. Originally one character, but was split into two when it collided with the Earth. "ㅎ" and "ㅈ" need to find the fragments broken apart from their spaceship to find their destination to find their original route. They need to communicate with TowerHub X  to find their original route. Somewhere on the planet Earth, there is a device scattered due to collision, which they have to find to communicate with the hub.

To accomplish the missions, "ㅎ" and "ㅈ" must connect to tower X and receive a new route from Earth to reach their destination. To do this, they need to find a device that can communicate with tower X (which will be somewhere on Earth due to the crash). Everything that comes from their planet can send a particular signal, which they follow.

Motion behavior
Continues jumping up and down because ㅎ doesn't like the feeling of gravity pulling, so ㅎ tries to move away from it.

ㅈ : Stamping with a nervous personality. Before displaying information, turn around to gather energy.

Small world / Big world: They are not affected by the physical properties of the Earth, so the scale of their bodies on Earth has grown and shrunk freely.

Singing while looking at the horizon at sunset.

“ㅎ” HU
The characters can understand, speak and show 50,000 planetary languages.

“ㅈ"JOO Microscopic view ability. It is possible to recognize a spectrum (infrared rays, etc.) beyond the range of light that humans can see, and to control electromagnetic waves.

HU lacks the ability to see, and the JU lacks the ability to speak.

Bugs, pigeon, and masks

StrengthWhen the two characters are combined, their abilities become extraordinarily stronger.

They place their values on feeling various energies as they explore the new world while performing their missions.

Tower X
The TowerX has a radar network that can identify the passage to the entire galaxy's planet regardless of time and space limitations. The device PATH is required to connect with TowerX.

Device (Orange Device)
At the top of the hat of the device, reminiscent of a mushroom shape, are identical characterized markers that confirm that it is a device of ㅎ and ㅈ, which function to send signals into space and receive signals. At the bottom of the hat, data flows through a passage.

There are eye-shaped spot stores on the pillars that store information, and they can take out the information (the way that light is emitted and the information is projected)

The spaceship will be revealed if you use your cell phone to over the sky. There could be somewhere between the sky scrappers or above the park. The spacecraft does not want to appear(it has a shy personality), so it increases transparency in the open sky.
As the atmosphere outside the spacecraft changes, the color of the plates in front of the hull changes The Korean kite tail inspired the fluttering tail on the back.


ㅎ ㅈ [ heu jeu ]

Device | Spaceship

Tower X ( center of ㅎ ㅈ)

Process photos and videos

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